Another Try at Getting the Links to Work: New and newly published works from DeeJay Arens, June Kramin, Jim Proebstle, Roy C. Booth and Nicholas Johnson, Gordon Sirvio and Jess Lourey

Gordon Sirvio, who writes as S. A. Gorden, was the focus of an article on the Expressions page, September 6 wrote an email to say that his book, “Eyes of an Eagle” is out in an electronic version. As the article stated, his first book in the sci-fi trilogy (Eagle) was taken to the International Space Station for the NASA recreational library. The next two installments (Eyes of a Cat and Eyes of a Seeker) will be out in electronic form in a few weeks. Direct sales links can be had at when Barnes and Noble and Amazon send the electronic versions to Sirvio. The price will be $4.99. Click here to email Servio for up to date information.

 “Fatal Incident,” by Jim Proebstle is based on the true story of a military air disaster in 1944. This WWII historical fiction story of conspiracy, espionage and human emotions is based on the true story of an unresolved military air disaster in Alaska with the pilot who came from Cass Lake. Readers can see a few of the original photographs taken by the recovery team at or click here to access.

Roy C. Booth and former Bemidji resident Nicholas Johnson announce that their steampunk mystery thriller, “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Man Made Vacuum” has been accepted for publication by Scarlett River Press of Canada.  The book is a re-imaging of Doyle’s world famous detective and also features characters and references from the works of Charles Dickens, R. L. Stevenson, H. G. Wells and Mary Shelley among others.

The book is also an adaptation of a full length play that the duo hopes to produce in the future. A prolific writer, Booth’s publications can be found on, Goodreads or just goggle his name (Roy C. Booth) for a complete listing of all work already in print.

DeeJay Arens first book has been nominated for three literary awards. “The View from a Rusty Train Car,” is a coming of age story which revolves around two gay teens who struggle with their sexual identity and trying to be what others expect them to be. Aren promises that this story is unlike any you have read before and one that you will not soon forget. The book is available in either print or digital. Click here to access the website for Writers Amuse Me Publishing.

Former Bemidji resident June Kramin who was featured during the 2012 Bemidji Book Festival has a new release, “Come and Talk to Me.” Her work can be accessed at the Writers Amuse me website, link above.

Jess Lourey is at it again with “December Dread,” the latest Murder-By-Month Mystery. Lourey’s stories continue to gain in sophistication and good crime stories and this one is the best yet. As I said before, watch out Stephanie Plum for the new girl in town, Miranda (Mira) James is hot on your heels. Click here to access the printer. Just in case you don’t recognize the reference, Plum is the main character in Janet Evanovich’s sleuth series.

So, o.k. it is said that summer time should be given over to reading but with such a short summer season here, reading can be saved for the indoor months. Enjoy them all—whenever or where ever you want, but please, try to read at least one of these books.