Out of the Blogosphere and onto Bemidji stages this weekend with “Out of the Hat,” “BSU Percussion Ensemble Concert and more on “I Am Anne Frank.”

After listening to a thoroughly enjoyable choir concert at BSU, we looked at the back of the program and discovered that the BSU percussion ensemble will be in concert today, April 20 at 7:30 p.m., in Thompson Recital Hall of Bangsberg. Try to attend and show your support for these young percussionists. Some day, someone please tell me how they know when to brush and when to bang; how is the musical score written?

KG Entertainment and the Paul Bunyan Playhouse will present “Out of the Hat IV.” On Friday night, five writers (Roy C. Booth, Abbey Ferrier Lara Gerhardson, K D Howell and Jeremiah Liend) will put their hands into a hat and pick out the topic, names of their actors and set pieces and then return home to pen a 15 minute comedy. On Saturday morning, the directors (Al Berkowitz, Mitch Blessing, Mike Bredon, Caleb Fricke and
Derrick Houle) will get their scripts and then gather their actors (Brett Cease, Kevin Cease, Mark Fulton, Mike Hardin, Katie Houg, Mackenzie Lindahl, Jon Mansk, Ellie Munson, Eric Nelson, Ramae Nordby, Reed Olson and Amy Tichy) and rehearse the script for 12 hours. Techies Patty Byers and Cheryl Winnett will run around town collecting props and costumes. At 8 p.m., five very different and clever comedies will be performed for the enjoyment of the audience. Musicians Lance Benson, Caleb Fricke K D Howell and Matt Osberg will perform between the acts. Tickets are available now at Harmony Natural Foods Co-op and the Wild Hare Bistro. All seats are $10 and this is will be a production suited for adult audiences.

As an aside, last year’s “Dante’s Infernal Nursing Home: A Devilish Play in One Act” written by Roy C. Booth for “Out of the Hat” in May, 2010 will be published in fiction magazine “Tales of the Unanticipated.”

“I Am Anne Frank,” which is coming to Bemidji for the Destination Weekend is a drama/musical based on the dairy of Anne Frank. The original book, “Diary of a Young Girl” captured the imagination of generations of readers and holocaust survivors. The play “Diary of Anne Frank,” based upon the original book, opened on Broadway in 1955 and received the Tony Award with Susan Strasberg nominated as best actress, the “The Pulitzer Prize for Drama for writers Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich. In 1956 Susan Strasberg won the Theater World Award and the play won the New York Drama Critics Circle award for best play.

This newest adaptation of the original was written by Enid Futterman and composer Michael Cohen. The script uses spoken excerpts from the book juxtaposed with songs of young love, enduring faith in the goodness of people and the contradictions of adolescence. The director of the play Ben Krywosz of Nautilus Theater also designed the set. Vanessa Gamble has been playing Anne since the 2006 debut. At this point, I have not been able to interview the director but will do so in the next couple of days and amend this blog.

May our Jewish families and friends here and everywhere enjoy the blessings of this Passover which began last night.